17 Pilgrim Fellowship Members and 4 Adult Advisors Head for Philadelphia

PF Members and their Adult Advisors are blessed by Rev. Sarah Verasco as they prepare for their mission trip to Philadelphia.  Photo Credit:  Beth Vinson


Pilgrim Fellowship to Travel to Philadelphia


On July 02nd, 17 High School Students, all members of Pilgrim Fellowship of First Congregational Church of Guilford, in addition to 4 adult advisors, will board Amtrak in New Haven with Philadelphia as their destination. 

Their hosts for the week, Broad Street Ministry, will expose the teens to a service trip dedicated to working with people in food banks, clothing banks, community dining rooms, childcare, elderly housing and recovery programs.

“Our goal is to explore and engage in service to others.  We want to learn and grow in communities outside our own comfort,” said Judi Wallace, Director of Pilgrim Fellowship.

“If it weren’t for joining PF when I was a junior at Guilford High School, I’m not sure I would have ever sought a career in public service or run for office”, said Rep. Sean Scanlon.  “Growing up in a town like Guilford can create blinders to the outside world and going on those mission trips truly opened my eyes to the plight of those who are less fortunate whether due to systemic poverty or natural disaster.”

“The difference between this PF trip and the other trips is the emphasis on relational service work.  People to people: No pundits or pandering.  People to people”, said Rev. Sarah Verasco, Co-Pastor of First Church.  “Compassion, care and concern, tenderness and tolerance, kindness and mercy and love that sees beyond self-interest.  These kinds of experiences change our teens for the better—forever.”


Pilgrim Fellowship is a non-denominational outreach program sponsored by First Congregational Church of Guilford.


Broad Street Ministry was formed as an alternative church opportunity in 2005 and seeks to be dynamic in its expression of worship.