Exciting Ministries for Children, Teens, Families and Adults at First Church This Week!!

This Sunday @10AM We continued our Sunday School theme of COMMUNITY by focusing on the 'faith community of God' in our story of Samuel. COLLECTING FOR MINISTRIES: Our Sunday School children have the opportunity to participate in two ministries coming up - We will be handing out UNICEF boxes this Sunday, and October 29th in Sunday School for all those

Save The Date: November 04th: 9am-2:30pm Our Annual Harvest Fair

  A Brief History of Gift Giving in New England and Why That Matters!   New England’s Puritan leaders considered Christmas gifts a “pagan admonition” and any citizen found “celebrating” around Dec. 25th would be sternly reprimanded.  But when Christmas celebrations became legal in the 1680’s, gift giving boomed.  Rural Americans carved wooden toys