Save The Date: November 04th: 9am-2:30pm Our Annual Harvest Fair


A Brief History of Gift Giving in New England and Why That Matters!


New England’s Puritan leaders considered Christmas gifts a “pagan admonition” and any citizen found “celebrating” around Dec. 25th would be sternly reprimanded.  But when Christmas celebrations became legal in the 1680’s, gift giving boomed.  Rural Americans carved wooden toys and made pieces of needlework in the agricultural off season to give to family members and neighbors.  New England Churches began the tradition of Holiday Craft Fairs where their members would supply handmade items, for sale to the public, to raise funds to support the church.

And 51 years ago, the First Congregational Church Tradition of the Annual Harvest Fair began!  

The Annual Harvest Fair is among only a handful of church fairs in Connecticut that are still member-only produced, utilizing no outside vendors or crafters. 

This is our time for fellowship and everyone is encouraged to attend.

Estate Sale items, Attic Treasures, Antique & Costume Jewelry, Delicious Baked Goods, Beautiful Handcrafts & Knitting, Christmas Items, Antique & gently used Furniture, Linens, Toys & Games, Live Plants & Dried Flowers, Lots & Lots of Tools, Music Room.

Faith in Art Exhibit and Raffle Baskets.

Luncheon is available with home made soups, sandwiches, snack & desserts!

Free to enter – bring your friends and family – it’s a very fun day.