First Church “Throws The Switch” on Tuesday, Jan. 09th at 1pm!

Working toward a greener Guilford Green

First Congregational Church of Guilford

Solar Array Energization

110 Broad Street, Guilford, CT

The Guilford Green just got greener.  At 1pm on Tuesday, January 9th, the First Congregational Church Guilford (FCCG) energized its new 23 kiloWatt solar array, which will provide 100% of the church building’s annual electricity needs.  The system will dramatically reduce the church’s carbon footprint, saving over 800,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per year.  That is the equivalent of planting a forest ten times the size of the Guilford Green with 6,000 trees!

Solar Panels atop the Education Annex

As the Church celebrates its 375th anniversary in 2018, the conversion to solar energy expands the church’s efforts in environmental stewardship.  The United Church of Christ Connecticut Conference has designated FCCG a Level 3 Green Church, its highest level of environmental recognition.

Mark Waldo and George Arnold “Throw The Switch”

Located on the Guilford Green in the Historic District, FCCG was concerned about aesthetics as well as the environment.  Preserving the historic appearance of its 1830 structure as well as the Guilford Green were paramount concerns.  The solar panels, located on the roof of the Education Annex at the rear of the main church building, were thoughtfully designed and approved by the Guilford Historic District Commission in September 2017.  The project demonstrates that 21st century technology can be tastefully integrated to preserve the character of an 18th century village.

The two inverters convert the DC from the Solar Panels to AC and feed excess production to Eversource.


Let’s All Enjoy A Greener Green!

For further information contact:

George Arnold

FCCG Environmental Ministry Team


Telephone: 203-453-9199