Pilgrim Fellowship Gathers For Tool Training Time

76 Members of Pilgrim Fellowship gathered in Fellowship Hall on Sunday evening, April 08th to learn the basics of electric tools that they will using in Johnstown, PA.  The group, along with 25 adult sponsors, will be working with local ministries to repair homes, support churches and contribute to local working farms.



Peter Palumbo demonstrates the art of the Circular Saw to Hannah Tiller while Carly Tortora holds the board.



Stephan Kegel learns how to use a chop saw from advisor David Kirwin.



John Hess, Leo Freund and Thomas Mitzelfelt learn the fine points of drills and drivers from advisor Mike Nocera.


Pilgrim Fellowship is a non-denominational group of high school students from Guilford, CT that recognizes, appreciates and embraces that all people are created differently.  Through fellowship and service, both locally and nationally, PF engages in transformative experience that challenges its members, deepens their spirituality and strengthens their compassion for others.