The Congregation of First Church Blesses the members of Pilgrim Fellowship

At the end of the 10am service on April 08th, the Rev. Dr. Ginger Brasher-Cunningham, along with the entire congregation of First Church, blessed the 76 members of Pilgrim Fellowship that will be traveling on a work/mission trip to Johnstown, PA, April 14-21.  The non-denominational group of Guilford High School Students, along with 25 adult sponsors will spend a week helping local ministries to repair homes, support churches and contribute to local working farms.

Pilgrim Fellowship is a non-denominational group of high school students from Guilford, CT that recognizes, appreciates and embraces that all people are created differently.  Through fellowship and service, both locally and nationally, PF engages in transformative experience that challenges its members, deepens their spirituality and strengthens their compassion for others.