First Congregational Church of Guilford to host Annual Shoreline Interfaith Thanksgiving Service, November 18th​​ at 4 p.m.

The Thirteen houses of worship of the Shoreline Interfaith Council will gather for the Annual Thanksgiving Service in the Sanctuary of First Congregational Church of Guilford. ​​ This year’s theme is, “Common Ground: Coming Together for Thanksgiving”. ​​ Music will be provided by the Combined Shoreline Choirs.​​ The service is open to the public and everyone is asked to bring a donation of non-perishable food. ​​ A free-will offering will be taken with the proceeds going to support local food pantries.

The​​ celebration​​ of Thanksgiving​​ began in 1621, just 22 years before the founding of First Church. ​​ Governor William Bradford organized a celebration feast and invited a group of Native Americans to join the members of the fledgling Massachusetts Bay Colony. ​​ The first Thanksgiving celebration lasted for three days. ​​ Because the Pilgrims had no ovens and the sugar supply of the Mayflower had dwindled, the meal did not include cakes and pies or other deserts, now the heart of our traditional celebration.


Bring your friends and neighbors and join us as we explore “Common Ground: Coming Together for Thanksgiving.”


First Church Guilford is located on the Guilford Green at the corner of Broad and Church Streets. ​​ Ample parking will be available on the Green.


Information: ​​ 203-453-5279​​ 


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