Baptisms at First Church

Baptism is an ancient rite of the Church which bestows God’s blessing on the one baptized.  The person, whether an infant, child, youth or adult, is welcomed into the Body of Christ, and a covenantal bond is created between First Church and this person and family.  Promises are made to nurture the person in faith and love of Jesus Christ.

Baptisms are part of the worship service and can be either at 8:30am or 10:00am.  Sundays for baptisms have been scheduled for November 29, December 27, January 31 and March 13th.  If you have a special scheduling request, please call the Church Office at 203-453-5249 or speak to a minister.  Baptismal Information Form link is below; please note that adults do not need to include parental information. Baptism Information Form