Environmental Ministry Team

The EMT serves as a forum for sharing and bringing  environmental church policy and resource information to the notice of the congregation and the church’s leadership.

Given the overriding danger of climate change to Earth’s life support systems, our Christian religious tradition is called to take on a far more active role.

We must articulate a sense of the sacredness of God’s creation powerful enough to replace personal consumption as our highest right and entitlement.  We need to consider first the rights of a thriving sustainable whole.

The church context can uniquely help us form the values we need to understand that our human share of Earth’s resouces, on which both we and all non-human life depend, are limited by the counterbalancing rights of other life forms.  We do this by expanding the Golden Rule’s “love neighbor as self” concept to include everything on Earth.

Green Church

Our congregation endorses the ideal of environmental stewardship as part of our Christian discipleship and pledges its ongoing commitment to the care of God’s creation.


For individual homeowners:

  • energizect.org – information about Ct programs for home & business

For church policies and multiple links to useful websites:

A few more suggested sites of interest:

Other areas of interest:

  • Divestment: – responsible investing with companies that don’t harm the environment
  • Eco-economics –  food production and consumption patterns generate green house gases affecting climate change
  • Support locally grown food and Farmers’ Markets