Adams, Elisabeth C.
Alexander, Ruth B.
Benton, H. Milton
Benton, Roger W.
Bishop, Albert B.
Bishop, David A.
Bishop, Janice R.
Bishop, Keith B.
Bishop, Rufus B.
Bullard, Alice E.
Carter, Mary P.
Curtiss, Sarah W.
Dudley, H. Philip
Dudley, Janet C.
Dudley, Kathrynn A.
Dudley, Leah B.
Dudley, Mark T.
Dudley, May Elinor
Dudley, Raymond L.
Dudley, Stephen B.
Dudley, Vernon F.
Fonicello, Doris A.
Good, Effie A.
Helander, Carolyn B.
Helander, Joel E.
Ingraham, Lucinda
Jacobsen, Grace S.
Leslie, Helen P.
Leslie, Sidney Jr.
Lombard, Gilbert M. III
Mansfield, Nancy A.
McSweet, Emma D.
Morasky, Harriet R.
Morse, Priscilla D.
Nettleton, Edith B.
Nettleton, Ruth A.
Norton, George E.
Norton, Mary D.
Norton, William S.
Ott, Lynn S.
Page, Alison L.
Page, Andrew R.
Page, Gregory L.
Page, Laura D.
Pappas, Amanda
Pappas, Gail
Pappas, Rebecca
Peluse, Charles F.
Prisloe, Esther D.
Rebuzzini, Martha D.
Rebuzzini, Peter D.
Scussell, Dorothy B.
Sieviec, GraceAnn J.
Spalding, Marjorie B.
Spencer, Harvey W.
Theiss, Elizabeth N.
Thompson, Michael E.
Trecartin, Ada
Walston, Richard D
Waters, Bruce

*Ancestors may be found in Guilford Founders’ Family Tree 1639 – 1989, available
in the Guilford Free Library.