The Guilford Covenant

We whose names are here underwritten, intending by God’s gracious
permission to plant ourselves in New England, and if it may be, in the southerly part about Quinnipiack, do faithfully promise each, for ourselves and our families and those that belong to us, that we will, the Lord assisting us, sit down and join ourselves together in one entire plantation, and be helpful each to the other in any common work, according to every man’s ability, and as need shall require, and we promise not to desert or leave each other or the plantation, but with the consent of the rest, or the greater part of the company who have entered into this engagement. As to our gathering together in a church way and the choice of officers and members to be joined in that way, we do refer ourselves, until such time as it please God to settle us in our plantation. In witness whereof we subscribe our names, this first of June 1639.


Robhert Kitchell William Dudley
John Bishop John Permely
Francis Bushnell John Mepham
William Chittenden Thomas Norton
William Leete Abraham Cruttenden
Thomas Joanes Francis Chatfield
John Jordan William Halle
William Stone Thomas Naish
John Hoadley Henry Kingnoth
John Stone Henry Doude
William Plane Thomas Cooke
Richard Guttridge Henry Whitfield
John Housegoe

“A church was here gathered at Guilford consisting of these 7 persons:

the Rev. Henry Whitfield, Samuel Desbrough, John Higginson, John
Hoadley, William Leete, John Neoham, and Jacob Sheaffer. ”

Some who did not sign the Covenant or who arrived in Guilford between 1639
and 1643 were:

William Barnes Alexander Chalker William Love
George Bartlett George Chatfield Thomas Relf
Edward Benton Thomas Chatfield John Scranton
Thomas Betts Thomas French John Sheather
William Boreman Henry Goldham John Stevens
John Chaffinch Thomas Jordan Benjamin Wright