Pilgrim Fellowship

Pilgrim Fellowship is a dynamic group of multi-faith high school students, grades 9-12, who generally meet on Sunday evenings from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at First Church during the school year.  The weekly meetings range from team building activities and service activities, to speakers sharing relevant stories and information to this specific age group.  We also hold several community service and fundraising events. We invite youth from the entire community to register in September and join us each week. During April vacation and summer vacation Pilgrim Fellowship members can participate in an annual Mission Trip if eligibility requirements are completed.  Our fundraising efforts go primarily for use on these trips.

Judi Wallace is the Director of Pilgrim Fellowship.  Judi lives in Branford with her husband and two sons. She has led youth groups for over 20 years and has also led many youth and family mission trips in the United States. You can contact Judi at judi@firstchurchguilford.org.

Our Pilgrim Fellowship Mission Statement:

Recognizing , appreciating, and embracing that all people are created differently, Pilgrim Fellowship gathers in hope of creating an environment of empowerment through direct action and a community where youth are free to be themselves, will know that they are accepted and loved, will learn to love themselves and others, and will nurture each person’s unique gifts and talents.

Through fellowship and service both locally and nationally, PF aspires to create transformative experiences that challenge the members, deepen their spirituality, and develop and strengthen their compassion for others. As God’s love is unconditional for all beings, we seek to be ambassadors of that all encompassing love and compassion.


Information and registration:

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