Prison and Re-entry Ministries

Prison and Re-entry Ministries is dedicated to supporting those in prison and providing support and welcoming to returning citizens into our communities.  We partner with Community Partners in Action Resettlement Program, Family Re-Entry Program, and faith communities to coordinate our support.

The Rev. Sandra Wiens, Prison Ministry Coordinator
Prison and Re-entry Ministries
sandrawiens@aol.com, 203-376-9167


Since 2005 the Peace Affirmation and Justice Committee of First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, has sponsored our expanding prison ministries to include mentoring with young men, backpacks for returning women, creative art classes for children of incarcerated parents, a re-entry education fund, and building a network of faith communities and individuals committed to prison reform and criminal justice.

I was in prison and you visited me…
a stranger, and you welcomed me…
Matthew 25:35-36

Members of the Peace Affirmation and Justice Committee: Shannon Clarkson, Patty Anne Meyer,
Sally Koslik, Sandy Wiens, Laverne Dudley, Kathy Campbell, Gini King.

This outreach program provides volunteer opportunities for:

  • in-prison mentoring with young men.
  • working in the schools with children of incarcerated parents.
  • supporting women upon their release back into the community.

We provide direct hospitality to those released through:

  • backpack donations.
  • workshops on life skills.
  • financial support for bus passes and the Re-entry Education Fund.

Through advocacy we partner with other civic and religious groups to:

  • raise awareness of the issues, particularly around juveniles, women, and the racial composition in prisons.
  • write and speak with legislators on prison and criminal justice issues.
  • work with others to bring about reform of prison and re-entry policies.

You will find programs, information and contacts in these areas of interest:

Returning Citizens, who are re-entering the community from prison.

Volunteers, who want to work directly through mentoring, the arts, and other programs with people in prison, returning citizens, and children of incarcerated parents.

Advocates, who learn about the issues for reform of the prison and criminal justice system, and work for change toward a more just, merciful, and sustainable society.

Contact Us, to learn more about volunteer opportunities, mentoring, and working with others by joining the Prison and Re-entry Ministries Network.