Please join with us in prayer over the coming months as the pastoral search committee gathers to seek direction for a new minister. The initial steps involve preparing a “profile” of​​ the church which the UCC then publish to attract potential candidates. Stay tuned for updates on the website and in the services.


The Pastoral Search Committee members are:


Mags DePetris 203-738-9349

Stephen Dudley 203-623-7709 (Chair)

Merrillyn Garcia

Jason Killheffer 203-671-4159

Jan Nelmes 203-453-3465

Peter Palumbo 203-996-5040

Amanda Patrick 203-530-9005 

Peggy Russell 203-376-6235

Meg Rydell 203-687-6428

Anita Soucy 203-980-6947  

Jeff Weber 646-302-5072

Bill Weidmann 203-887-4847




First Congregational Church of Guilford Pastoral Search Committee

Photo: Mags DePetris