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COVID Response Update from The Rev. Suzanne Wagner

Interim Lead Minister, The Rev. Suzanne Wagner, offers a reflection on where we are in the pandemic and how First Church will continue to respond for the duration of Ginger's sabbatical time.

by The Rev. Suzanne Wagner on May 05, 2021

Dear Friends
In just a few short weeks Gov. Ned Lamont will order that CT businesses, which includes houses of worship, can (not must) phase out all Covid restriction capacities for gathering. Although, masks, social distancing and disinfecting protocols are still required when gathering. 

Thus begins the opening up of the state as more and more people are being vaccinated and overall decreasing numbers. It’s the ‘moment’ that we all have been waiting for, isn’t it? A chance to get back to normal, or a new normal seems like such a gift after living with pandemic fatigue for over a year now. We have learned a lot and have found out what is most important to us. Communal worship is one of them. 
We know there are many who want to worship in a different way, or with relaxed Covid guidelines for our own Church community. While we would love nothing more than to gather as we used to, there will be no decisions made, nor changes to our policy until Ginger’s return from Sabbatical. She specifically asked Jake and myself to honor her wishes, and we will. As I mentioned in my first article for the Steeple, my role as Interim Sabbatical Lead Minister it is to provide solid, non-anxious, compassionate leadership during this time to the ministry team, boards,  committees and congregants, not start anything new or take on any initiatives. 
I want to commend the Covid Response Team for their diligent efforts in strategizing to ensure that we have the safest worship space as possible and for their help on Sunday mornings. When Ginger returns, in only two months now, she will meet with them as one of her first priorities. They will weigh the desire and spiritual needs of the congregation to gather balanced with the scientific guidelines set forth to ensure continued public health and safety and come up with a plan for the future.
We are almost there, but not yet. Be at peace, we hear you, and we will continue to hold all in prayer as we remain faithful to our safety and welfare.
In Christ’s love, Suzanne

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