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Online Meditation Series

Under the sponsorship of the church, I will be offering a monthly guided meditation session for anyone who is interested. The scheduled dates are June 20th, July 11th, and August 15th. All occur on Sundays at 8 PM. This monthly series is designed to recharge your energy- to get grounded, connected and to welcome in the warming presence of summer.

by Nancy Mann on June 09, 2021

The next guided meditation will be on Sunday, June 20th at 8 PM
on Nancy Mann's Zoom.

The guided meditation is designed to recharge your energy-to get grounded, connected and to welcome in the warming presence of summer. During this particular meeting there will be a short narrative to bring your focus into your body sensations, followed by descriptive scenes to relax the body, mind and spirit.  

Meditation has countless benefits, including decreasing stress, increasing health, increasing gratitude and focus, and an overall improvement in mood and mindset.

Learning this foundational practice will facilitate ease and wellbeing not only for yourself, but for the loved ones with whom you share your life.

During this time of transition, from self-isolation to increased engagement with the world, what was initially solely geared for teens has been expanded, for the summer, to include all ages.

May each session leave you feeling refreshed and ready to engage fully in your world.

Please call Nancy Mann at 203 245 0513 or email her at < > to reserve a space and request the Zoom invitation be sent to your email account.

Looking forward to seeing you there-

Nancy Mann

Email Nancy Mann (Click Here) for the Zoom Link

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