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Steeple Newsletter

Reflection on a Year as Intern

by Caryne Eskridge on May 13, 2020

First Church, what a year it has been! I remember my first Sunday with you all vividly. It was Labor Day Sunday and the service was outside on a gorgeous morning. I was both a little nervous and so very excited to meet you all and to begin a year of learning how to do ministry with you. I remember a swirl of faces and warm welcomes. I remember helping to serve communion, having the privilege of looking some of you in the eyes and reminding you that God loves you, you are more than enough, and that you are part of God’s people. 

Worship moved inside and then to our own homes, time passed, and now I am in my last week with you all as your Intern. I am extremely grateful for the many ways that my time with you all has helped me to grow and to learn. I helped to lead you all in worship, and I still feel your presence in spirit in recent weeks on Sunday mornings. I heard your stories before and after worship and at office hours. I witnessed all of the love and work that is poured into First Church in committee meetings. I visited the Confirmation 2 class and, trust me, you need not have any doubts about the present and future of the church because it is so very bright. I got to share some of my heart and faith with you through my sermons and my Gallery Talk column in The Steeple. 

All throughout this time, when I was learning how to minister as a person pursuing vocational ministry, all of you were also ministering to me! In our UCC tradition, remember, we are all ministers. I imagined, of course, that I would be able to say goodbye in person, and maybe even take some photos from the pulpit to capture all of your faces and smiles in the places where you all usually sit. I will have to wait to be able to do that, but know that I am picturing you all now, in your usual places in the Chapel and in the Sanctuary, and it really does feel as if you all are here with me. Many things are uncertain now, but what is certain is the love that I have for you all and the spiritual bond that will connect us no matter how far apart we are physically. You all, First Church, will always be part of the story of my faith journey and my ministry journey. 

Thank you all for the countless ways that you have supported me, let me make mistakes, helped me learn from them (I hope I have, at least), and entrusted me with your stories and lives. I am praying for you, I am rooting for you, and I look forward to a time when I can see you again. Until then, please take care of yourselves and of others in the ways that I have seen you do all year, and that I know you have done in the years before.  


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