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Stewardship November Update

November 10, 2020

Good morning, I'm Linda Weber. I serve on the Stewardship committee along with Preston Maynard, Dick Harter, Lou and Carrie Frederici, Cindi Caligan and Barbara Johnson.
I know--I give you permission to squirm and quietly groan right now—it’s time to talk about money!  
But what I want to talk about this morning is the real meaning of stewardship.  The dictionary definition of stewardship is the act of “looking after” resources.  
And what are the resources of First Church? This beautiful building and the grounds which we all love so much is definitely a valuable resource.  But the core resource of a church—of any church—is its community.  It’s you! 
Stewardship is making sure that there are resources so that everyone is looked after.  Every one.  You, me, our teens, our seniors, our children and all those whom we serve through a wide variety of ministries. 
Stewardship at its core is all about relationships--individual and community relationships. It’s about looking after one another.
Looking out across the pews this morning is sobering.  If I had dropped down in the middle of this service, with no knowledge of what has been going on for the past 9 months, I would be shocked.  Where is everyone?  What happened?  How do we, in a time of social distancing, look after one another when we can't be together?  
It takes determination, creativity and quite honestly new ways of thinking about being in relationship during a pandemic.  Our ministers, staff and leaders have done an amazing job of using their gifts to “look after” us and the church during this time. 
As stewards of First Church, it is also our responsibility to make sure we are looking after one another and ensuring the long-term strength of our community. 
As you prayerfully consider your stewardship pledge for next year, know that we are deeply grateful for all that you give to First Church and especially the way this community “looks after” one another.
You can make your stewardship pledge on line here or mail you pledge to the church office.  
Linda Preston and the Stewardship Committee

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