Spirituality Groups

At First Church, it is our mission to worship God, to gather in community, and to help all people deepen in faith with accompaniment and resources for the journey. 

We have countless small groups that usually meet: Weekly Bible Study Groups, Wednesday morning meditation for all ages, a monthly men's fellowship breakfast, a women's fellowship called Alpha Club, book studies on many topics, Lenten Dinner and Classes Series, a devoted group of gardeners who plant and nurture our community organic garden, a lunch group for bereavement for widows, and opportunities to work for justice. We are working to meet many needs and continue creating new groups and spaces for going deeper in faith and exploring our spirituality. Join us for the journey!

Our Adult Education Committee develops and sponsors numerous learning experiences for members and visitors to First Church to help us understand the issues of our day and how God is calling us to respond. Adult Education often provides forums that meet following the 10 AM Sunday services. On other occasions, a conference may be sponsored that will run for a day or for an entire weekend. 

Our Annual Harvest Fair is the not to be missed event for the whole Connecticut Shoreline every year! Our Harvest Fair Committee works to bring us a celebration of food, antiques, and fun for every age! We will post more information here as it comes available for the plans for a Harvest Fair 2020. 

Meditation at First Church 

Informed by many ancient traditions and mutually declared by this Christian phrase, “Be still and know that I am God,” we at First Church are providing a practice, a tool of sorts, to go more deeply into one’s knowing of the sacred.  In the belief that we are all a distinct expression of a facet of God, one is able to encounter one’s self in a new expanded way.

Our meditation groups are designed to engage our own Christian community, also reaching out to the community-at-large  to engage people of different faiths and sensibilities to learn to tap into the wisdom of their body… their unique knowing, while deepening their connection to their own higher power 

With the awareness that each of us seek to go deeper in our own way, three types of meditations have been offered- a silent meditation, a guided mediation and a walking meditation.

An ongoing silent practice is held every Wednesday morning at 9 AM.

This group is open to beginning and experienced meditators. Coming into the sacred space, the silence lasts for 20 minutes. Then it is followed by an inspired readings from the world of poetry, the Bible and other faith traditions.

This silence enables “messages” to bubble up from our deeper awareness.

Other evening meditation offerings have included, adult and family guided mediations. With this format individuals, are verbally led on a peaceful journey, leaving one feeling refreshed and renewed. At the present time, the teen Pilgrim Fellowship program is in the process of launching its own meditation program, using these three forms of practice. Please contact our office at 203-453-5249 to learn more about the present offerings.