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Latest Sermon

Unexpected Comfort

Sunday, Jul 5, 2020

A sermon on the Hebrew Bible/ Old Testament from our former intern Caryne Eskridge from YDS.

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Profile image of Judi Wallace

Judi Wallace

Director of Children and Youth Ministries

Office:(203) 453-5249

Judi Wallace has been the Director of Pilgrim Fellowship at First Church for over 7 years. She recently became the Director of Children and Youth Ministries. Judi loves spending time with people of all ages and is excited for the new opportunities her position will bring. Judi lives in Branford with her husband Jeff and has two sons James (19) and Jason (26). They are together The Four J’s!

Profile image of Bill Speed

Bill Speed

Director of Music Ministries


Bill Speed has been the Director of Music Ministries at First Church since 2008. Bill has led a dual life as a church musician for Episcopalian, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and UCC churches and as a research geneticist at Princeton and Yale. Bill loves congregational song in every form and with a team of beloved volunteer singers and instrumentalists continues to widen the repertoire of music at First Church. When his partner Mike isn't busy running the Scranton Seahorse Inn in Madison Bill and Mike enjoy Patriots football and BoSox baseball.

Profile image of The Rev. Dr. Sandra Wiens

The Rev. Dr. Sandra Wiens

Director of Prison Ministry


The Rev. Dr. Sandra Wiens has been at First Church as our Director of Prison Ministry for many years. Sandra is originally from Kansas and received her Master of Divinity from Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries (AMBS) in 1980. She has her PhD in Psychology from Temple University in Philadelphia. Sandra and her husband local author of African history, Dr. Robert Harms, have lived Guilford for almost 20 years. They have three beloved cats and enjoy hiking.

Profile image of Penelope Rebuzzini

Penelope Rebuzzini

Office Manager


Penelope has served as Office Manager at First Church since 2003 and worked with many clergy and staff in those years.  She has a B.S. in Administration from the University of New Hampshire and a Master of Divinity from Duke University, and her work life has been in college and church settings.  Her husband Peter invited her to First Church on their first date, and she has been here ever since.  Penelope’s “basics” also include walking, yoga, reading (especially Jane Austen), movies (currently Ken Burns Baseball), and Face-Timing with their daughter Meg who lives in Brooklyn. 

Profile image of Mark Twombly

Mark Twombly

Sexton for Buildings and Grounds

Office: 203-453-5249

Mark Twombly grew up in Madison, CT and graduated from Hand High School in 1974. He Went into the Air Force right out of high school and spent four years working on F-4 and F-111 fighter aircraft as a mechanic in England. He trained to become a flight engineer and flew as a crew member on C-141 cargo planes for six years in South Carolina and New Jersey. When Mark left the Air Force, he had a career as a flight engineer flying B-727, L-1011 and DC-10 aircraft for several different charter and cargo airlines. In between some of the flying jobs, Mark worked as an aircraft mechanic and Director of Maintenance for Shoreline Aviation at Griswold Airport in Madison and Tweed New Haven. Mark ended his flying career in 2006 and started a home remodeling and repair business. He started working part time for First Church in 2013 and went full time a couple of years later. He has been an essential part of our team ever since.

Profile image of Annemarie Alexa

Annemarie Alexa

Bookkeeper and Data Manager

Annemarie Alexa comes to us from many years of experience working in the corporate world for AT&T and others here in Connecticut. She lives in Old Saybrook with her husband and spends a lot of time with grandchildren in the area. She is an avid sewer and is happy to be working with us at First Church.